I INTRODUCED — Cole Porter — 1919

Written the same year that Cole married Linda.  From the stage production “Hitchy-Koo of 1919” and introduced by Raymond Hitchcock.  This is the type of Porter I adore — his clever knack of taking names and references of current day and weaving them into song.  Other songs of note from this production include OLD FASHIONED GARDEN and MY COZY LITTLE CORNER OF THE RITZ.  The song, I INTRODUCED was used in the 1965 production of Ben Bagley’s “The Decline and Fall of the Entire World as Seen Through the Eyes of Cole Porter”, which starred Kaye Ballard and Harold Lang.

Though it’s not quite generally known

That I’m a one-horse power behind the throne,

Yet lots of people are in clover,

Simply due to things that I’ve put over.

Just pick up your fav’rite magazine,

Peruse the ads and you’ll see what I mean,

For ev’ry partnership you see is wholly owing to me.


For I presented Mister Morgan to Mister Harjes,

I presented Mister Peet to Mister Rogers,

I introduced Mister Cross to Mister Mark,

Mister Lord to Mister Taylor,

Mister Tilford to Mister Park.

It’s entirely thanks to me,

Though few people know it,

That that dear old Mister Chandon

Met that dear old Mister Moet,

But the greatest introduction that I ever put through

Was when I presented myself to you.  


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