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Old spaces…

April 20, 2010

I was recently in the Hamilton area for the purpose — in part, anyway — of promoting my Burlington performance of “For the Love o’ Nat”. Following my performance in Collingwood (May 7) I will be in Burlington, May 8th and then in London on Mother’s Day Sunday the 9th. What began as a day of delivering posters and brochuers to various community theatre groups turned into a visitation of four spaces which bore witness to my development as an entertainer.

Burlington Little Theatre (Theatre Burlington), Village Theatre in Waterdown, The Players’ Guild of Hamilton and my main haunt, Hamilton Theatre Inc (HTI) are all community theatre groups with slightly different bents, and who’ve all been around for various numbers of decades. Through working with these groups I learned so very much and carry with me so many wonderful memories. It was good for my soul just to stand in those performance and rehearsal spaces and it was a treat to catch up with some fellow actors, directors and the like from my ‘teeth-cutting’ days. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been part of it all.