Peter, Frank and Nat…

Last week’s Pretty River Academy production of Peter Pan was a wonderful success! Congratulations to the grade four, five and six classes for a really super job!

Back in 2005 I performed my first tip of the hat to the great Nat King Cole. That year marked the 40th anniversary of his passing, so I put together a program of some of his greatest (and some of my favourite) songs and performed them in a local Collingwood dining establishment. Accompanied by a piano, the evening was very well received — an absolute pleasure to sing!! This past year I resurrected the ‘Nat’ program for a couple of local audiences including a visiting bus tour from the Niagara area — again, to wonderful, wonderful feedback. I cannot tell you how I adore the timber and cadence of that man’s magnificent voice!

So…the development stage continues as I now prepare to perform — I have given it an official name now — “For The Love o’ Nat – Chronicling the Life, Times and Music of Nat King Cole” with not just piano, but piano, upright bass and rhythm guitar. This band formation reflects the instrumentation of the original “King Cole Trio” and promises to add significantly to the program. I perform the show at Pretty River Academy on Saturday March 6th — tickets are available by calling 705 444-5376. Longtime friend and stellar musician/writer/arranger/etc Steve Thomas is once again my Musical Director — very, very happy about that!

Within days of the March 6th concert, I’m back in Rat Pack Land, performing the role of Frank Sinatra in the C2 Entertainment production of “Memories of the Rat Pack”. March and into early April are busy with dates that take us from London Ontario to Germany, then Austria, back to Germany, back to London followed by a couple weeks at the Rockton Fairgrounds in Ontario! You can check out the Calendar on the site here to get specific dates. Perhaps we can connect in Vienna?



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