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White stuff

January 12, 2010

As I sit here writing this entry, the perfect winter snow is falling here in Collingwood. Although it’s the same stuff that falls back in the city, the mindset has always been different up here. Considering that many people up here have relocated for the skiing and the golfing, or are making their living in the tourism business…snowfalls are always welcome and tend to put a kick in everyone’s step. Growing up and living in Hamilton, I recall the winter months as being somewhat grumpy in nature, what with transportation woes, slippery sidewalks, slushy spray and difficult parking. Since relocating to Collingwood in 2003, I’ve come to appreciate and embrace winter in a way I’d not done before.

We’ve begun rehearsals for our version of Peter Pan, starring the grade four, five and six classes. The next six weeks will surely fly by (the pun certainly was intended) and all seem keen and excited.

Year 2010 is off and running and I am happy to be once again “treading the boards” with more frequency! Wishing everyone all the best as we’ve entered into a new decade.